| July 1, 2008


The Best of Art of Manliness: June 2008

June was a great month for Art of Manliness, despite a few road bumps along the way. As many of you know, Digg.com banned our site, which is sort of a bummer because that’s how many of you found this site. We’ve appealed our case, but haven’t heard back from them. We’re still not sure why we were banned. Digg was a valuable tool to help AoM grow. We’ll just have to think of other ways to get the word out about the site.

Despite the ban on Digg, subscribers climbed to over 12,000. 2,000 more from last month. Thanks to everyone who subscribes and contributes to the site. The success of AoM wouldn’t be possible without you.

June’s Most Popular Posts

Quit Coddling Your Kids

The All-Time Best (and Worst) TV Dads

7 Vital Characteristics of a Man

15 Greatest Man Cries

10 Ways to Be a Gentleman at the Gym The big surprise from this post was the defense of the hip abductor machine. Seriously, I’ve been going to the gym for several years and I’ve never seen a man use this thing. It has always been women. The crack against the machine was meant as a joke, but people got really defensive about it. Lighten up.

The Best of the Forums

If you haven’t already, make sure to join 419 other people in The Art of Manliness Discussion forums. You can register with this handy form. The forums are a great place to ask questions and discuss all things manly. I want to shoot a big thank you to those who have taken an active role in the forum and have helped create a sense of community there. These include karmazon, zyxthior, Barbarosa, Primus Pilius, RobbieC, naterg, Will, guidetomanliness, and Meiji-man. Thanks guys!

Here’s a run down of some of the most lively discussion topics in the forum.

Manly Books to Read

Man Shows

What not to drive if you’re a man

Conceal/carry a weapon – Manly or—–?

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