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The Best of the Art of Manliness: 2022

Another great year here on the Art of Manliness has drawn to a close. We hope you’ve enjoyed all the articles and podcasts we’ve published the last twelve months. In case you missed some of our content, below you’ll find a rundown of what was most popular amongst it, as well as highlights of our personal favorites. 


Most Popular Articles of the Year Based on Traffic

Seems like you guys like stuff about fitness and books! And cleaning out your dryer vent?

Our Personal Picks

(Some of the most popular above would be included in this list as well):

Sunday Firesides Favorites


Most Popular Podcasts of the Year Based on Listens

Our Personal Picks 

(Some of the most popular above would be included in this list as well):

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A huge thank you to everyone who supports AoM! We truly appreciate those of you have shared our stuff with others, sent an encouraging note, made a donation, left a review, and simply made our articles and podcasts a part of your daily and weekly routines. Thanks for including us in your lives and we look forward to bringing you more interesting, insight-packed, and life-improving content in 2023!

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