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• Last updated: September 27, 2021

Art of Manliness Podcast #68: Thrive with Arianna Huffington


In this week’s episode I talk to Arianna Huffington about her new book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder. Now I’ll admit that, at first blush, it wouldn’t seem like Ms. Huffington would be a good fit for the Art of Manliness, but as an admitted workaholic and someone who’s all about encouraging an idea of success that reaches beyond money and power, I honestly found her new book very helpful and insightful.  

Show Highlights:

  • How waking up in a pool of her own blood got Arianna reconsidering her idea of success
  • How our relentless quest for power and money is bad for our health, our relationships, and our communities
  • Why after thousands of years of philosophers and prophets admonishing us not to single-mindedly pursue money we still do
  • How memento mori and stoicism can help us focus on what’s truly important in life
  • The one thing you can start doing now that will get you on track to living a better life
  • And much more!

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