| April 25, 2012

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An Illustrated Guide to the Perfect Driveway Car Wash

1. Park car in shade, or wash car when not sunny to prevent premature drying and water spots. Gather materials: 2 buckets, hose, wash mitt or sponge, brush, car wash soap, wheel cleaner, 2 microfiber waffle towels. 2. Wash wheels with wheel cleaner and brush. Make sure to scrub inside wheel wells. 3. Pre-rinse car with hose. 4. Use the soap bucket to suds up your mitt; the water bucket to rinse off your mitt after you scrub and before you suds up again. 5. Scrub car from the top down. Keep wash areas small and rinse mitt frequently. To avoid water and soap spots, keep your car wet as your scrub by misting car with hose. 6. Remove hose head and give car a final rinse. Rinse from the top down with steady, gentle stream. Let the water sheet over the car’s surface to prevent water spots. 7. Dry with waffle towel. Don’t apply much pressure, just focus on soaking up the bulk of the water. Wring often. Spot dry with second microfiber waffle.

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Illustration by Ted Slampyak

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