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• Last updated: June 2, 2021

Things Every Man Should Have in His Car: An Illustrated Guide

Car Emergency Kit things to have in the Car.

When I was growing up, I noticed that my dad kept his car well-stocked with supplies. A lot of the equipment was for his job busting poachers as a game warden, but most of the things were for emergency situations. And there were plenty of times when my dad was able to put those supplies to work. Be it a maintenance issue or a snowstorm, keeping these items in your vehicle can save you time and discomfort, and perhaps even your very life, should an emergency arise.

Things every man should have in his car

– Paper maps

– Snacks

– Cell phone charger/extra charged battery

– Seat belt cutter

– Flashlight

– Portable air compressor

– Windshield wiper fluid

– Roadside flares

– Jumper cables

– Tow strap

– Water

– First aid kit

– Small fire extinguisher

– Shovel

– Kitty litter

– Candies for heat

– Ice scraper

– Hat & gloves

– Tire chains

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Illustrated by Ted Slampyak

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