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• Last updated: June 2, 2021

How to Mount a Horse: An Illustrated Guide

Basic steps illustrated for mounting a horse.

It is almost guaranteed that every boy, at some point, wanted to be a cowboy. The thought of hopping on your trusty steed and riding off into the sunset is too perfect a dream to ignore. Learning how to ride a horse well, though, can take years. It involves understanding the nuances of a horse’s behavior and how your own behavior communicates your intent to them. But, with a few basics you can certainly get at least a taste of that childhood dream. The first step? Getting on.

Here’s how to mount up.

1: Grab both reins and a handful of the horse’s mane with your left hand.

2: Facing the rear of the horse, rotate the stirrup clockwise to face you.

3: Lift your left leg and position the ball of your left foot into the stirrup.

4: Turn to face the saddle and reach up to grab the cantle (the back of the saddle) with your right hand.

5: Spring off your right leg and stand up with your left leg. Don’t pull yourself up by your arms, as it can alter the saddle’s position.

6: Swing your right leg over the horse and settle into the saddle, finding the other stirrup with your right foot.

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Illustrated by Ted Slampyak

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