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Odds & Ends: April 5, 2024

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Killers of the Flower Moon. I was really excited to watch Martin Scorsese’s epic film, Killers of the Flower Moon. Based on the bestselling book that recounts the murders of members of the Osage Nation here in northeast Oklahoma in the 1920s, the movie didn’t disappoint. Like all of Scorsese’s historical films, he does a great job of getting the details right. You feel like you’ve been transported to 1920s Oklahoma. The acting is top-notch. Robert De Niro plays a great bad guy, Leonardo DiCaprio plays the part of a feckless wiener whose lack of moral compass leads him to tragedy, and Lily Gladstone captures the heartache of an Osage woman watching her family die around her. It was cool to see parts of OK that we’ve explored appear in a movie. Osage country is absolutely beautiful. Love those big skies and green hills. This movie is long — 3 and 1/2 hours — but worth it!

Ace sunglasses. A few years ago, MVMT watches sponsored the AoM podcast and sent me a watch to try. They also included a pair of their Ace sunglasses. They look like the aviator shades Paul Newman wore in the 1970s. They’re funky and not something I would have picked out on my own. But they’ve become the shades I wear when I’m driving our family’s 1996 Buick Roadmaster station wagon. Feels like appropriate eyewear for that whip. And because I take the station wagon to the flag football games I coach, you’ll typically find me wearing my Ace sunglasses along with my Walter Matthau Bad News Bears big collar polyester coach shirt on the sidelines. It’s such a solid fit. (Note: MVMNT did not sponsor this shoutout. I haven’t worked with them in a long time. Indeed, no individual or company has ever sponsored a shoutout in O&E; all recommendations are our own.)

No Biological Free Lunches by Tim Ferriss. Tim Ferriss took a break from writing on his blog to focus on his podcast, so it was great to see him come back to articles with a piece on the overlooked costs of taking TRT or performance-enhancing drugs. Yes, exogenous hormones can have a place in improving overall health, but like any drug, there are downsides. TRT and growth hormones can help your muscles grow, but they can also make your liver and spleen grow and that can have bad consequences for your health. It can even make your head permanently bigger. Like most things in life, there are tradeoffs you need to consider before deciding to take exogenous hormones. Don’t be cavalier with this decision.

Someday Is Today: 22 Simple, Actionable Ways to Propel Your Creative Life by Matthew Dicks. I read this book a couple of years ago in preparation for talking to its author, Matthew Dicks, on the podcast. I still think about the insights I gleaned from it. Matthew has worn a lot of hats at the same time: husband, dad, public school teacher, writer, storyteller, and corporate consultant. In Someday Is Today, he offers field-tested tactics to get more done even if you’re a regular busy guy. A few of my favorites: think in minutes and practice deliberate incuriosity. Be sure to listen to my conversation with Matthew. It’s one of my favorites.

Quote of the Week

He who saith there is no such thing as an honest man, you may be sure is himself a knave.

—George Berkeley

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