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• Last updated: June 4, 2021

AoM Month of Sandwiches Day #22: The All-American Dagwood

Vintage Sandwich placed on a table illustration.

Welcome to Day #22 of the AoM sandwich project. Last month we asked readers for their best sandwich recommendations. Out of 483 submissions, we picked 20 to highlight here on the site each weekday during the month of April. At the end, we’ll publish all the entries into an epic man-sandwich cookbook. Enjoy.

Today’s Sandwich: The All-American Dagwood by Jayme

Waiter Serving Dagwood Sandwich illustration.

Today the AoM Month of Sandwiches draws to a close. But we’re definitely going out with a bang. I saved this sandwich for last because 1) its epicness was well-suited to being the last entry, 2) I’ve always wanted to try a humungous Dagwood Bumstead-style sandwich and never have, and 3) with its inclusion of Ruffles potato chips, it brings us back full circle to the sandwich that started it all.

Jayme calls this sandwich the “All-American.” I think of it as “The Dagwood,” since it’s right up that comic character’s alley. So I’ve dubbed it “The All-American Dagwood.” Let’s see what a sandwich that requires a skewer to hold together tastes like.


Vintage different types of food ingredients.

  • 3 slices sourdough bread
  • Deli mustard

  • Mayonnaise

  • 4 slices deli ham

  • Pepperoni (Jayme doesn’t call for pepperoni, but I used some because I didn’t have enough ham [I used 2 slices instead of 4], and I also love pepperoni and lamented its near absence from the hundreds of submissions. Where’s the love for deli pepperoni, folks?)
  • 2 slices American cheese

  • 2 leaves iceberg lettuce

  • 4 slices bologna

  • 4 slices salami

  • 6 dill pickle chips

  • 3 slices tomato

  • 4 slices turkey

  • 2 slices Swiss cheese

  • 2 pimiento-stuffed green olives

  • Handful of Ruffles potato chips

Step 1: Spread Condiments on Bread

Vintage Spread Condiments on Bread illustration.

Lay out the three slices of sourdough. Smear two of them with mustard and one with mayonnaise. Jayme recommends a tablespoon of each condiment for each slice, but I just eyeballed it according to my personal taste.

Step 2: Add Ham, American Cheese, Lettuce, & Bologna to One Slice of the Mustard-Smeared Bread

Vintage bologna to one slice of the mustard smeared Bread.

Step 3: Add Salami, Dill Pickle Chips, Tomato, Turkey, Swiss Cheese, and Potato Chips to the Other Mustard-Smeared Slice

I also added my pepperoni here.

I also added my pepperoni here.

Step 4: Place Mayo-Smeared Slice of Bread on Top of the Chips (Mayo-side Down)

Vintage mayo smeared slice of bread on top of the Chips.

Step 5: Stack Both Layers on Top of Each Other & Skewer

I used two wooden skewers (standard toothpicks weren't long enough) to secure this sandwich monster and then cut off the ends with scissors. Then I added two green olives to the skewers. Ring-a-ding ding!.

I used two wooden skewers (standard toothpicks weren’t long enough) to secure this sandwich monster and then cut off the ends with scissors. Then I added two green olives to the skewers. Ring-a-ding ding!

Me Eating This Giant Thing

Vintage man eating sandwich.

Taster’s Notes

Vintage sandwich tasting illustration.
Overall, this sandwich was delicious. How could it not be? It’s just delicious stuff, stacked on top of delicious stuff, stacked on top of some more delicious stuff. It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to eat, of course; it felt like holding a softball and eating a giant piece of fruit — I had to keep taking bites all around it. I probably wouldn’t make it again only because I won’t likely have all the ingredients on hand on a given day. But I did get to fulfill a dream of eating a giant sandwich like Dagwood Bumstead. Now I need to partake in another Dagwood ritual, a nap on the couch…

Well that’s it folks! Hope you enjoyed our Month of Sandwiches! Which one was your favorite? A thank you to all those who submitted a sandwich that was featured on the site — you’ll be receiving a free copy of Manvotionals. We’ll soon start working on putting all the submissions together into an giant man-sandwich cookbook. Obviously, formatting 400 recipes will take some time, but we’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready. 


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