| November 9, 2017


Podcast #355: Leadership and Public Service With Gov. Eric Greitens

The Art of Manliness is intentionally and rigorously politically neutral, and I’ve never before had a politician on the podcast. But then, never before has a previous guest gone on to become the governor of a state.

I’ve previously had Eric Greitens, a former Rhodes scholar, humanitarian worker, and Navy SEAL on the show to talk about his book Resilience. Last year, without any prior political experience, Greitens successfully ran for governor of Missouri, becoming the second youngest governor in the country.

Recently, I met Greitens at the Governor’s office at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City to have a very non-partisan, high-level discussion about public service and the duties of citizenship. We discuss why he decided to run for elected office, and why he incorporated service projects in his campaign stops around the state. We then discuss how the governor’s study of ancient philosophers informs his idea of public service and how Stoicism comes in handy in the rough and tumble political arena. Governor Greitens then shares what he’s been reading to be an effective leader and statesman, how he manages being a young father and a busy governor, and why you should get over your cynicism about politics and throw your hat in the arena. 

Show Highlights

  • Why people resonated so deeply with his 2015 book, Resilience
  • What it means to live well
  • What Greitens believes “vocation” means
  • Why you’ll never find your vocation by looking for it
  • Why he decided to run for governor
  • How his family responded to his running for political office
  • How Greitens decided to run for the office of governor with no prior political experience
  • Why public service can bring people together
  • How ancient philosophical texts have influenced Greiten’s governing and leadership style
  • The ways Greitens used his own advice in Resilience during his campaign
  • The lessons Governor Greitens takes from Teddy Roosevelt
  • The importance of reading biographies
  • Every man’s uneven courage, and why we should do things we’re afraid of
  • Is getting into politics worth it anymore?
  • Why criticism is inevitable when working to serve people
  • Governor Greiten’s reading habits, and why it’s as important as exercise to him
  • What Greiten’s learned from his recent reading of an Alexander the Great biography
  • The governor’s favorite biographies
  • How Greiten’s balances governing and raising young children

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

Connect With Governor Greitens

Governor Greitens on Twitter

Governor Greitens’ website

Governor Greitens’ official state website

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