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Introducing New AoM Tees: The AoM Retro and Get On Your Horse and Kick

It’s been a few years since we’ve had new Art of Manliness t-shirts. Figured it was time we dropped some fresh designs. 

Introducing two new AoM Tees: The AoM Retro and the Get On Your Horse and Kick. Both were designed by the fine folks at Anderson Bros Design & Supply.

Pick one up to rep your support of AoM! Both also make great gifts for the men in your lives who embody the art of manliness. 

The AoM Retro 

Made from 100% spun cotton and featuring a simple, clean, 1980s-inspired design that harkens back to the days when Magnum P.I. rocked a mustache and your dad wore tube socks and jorts to mow the lawn. Whether you’re pumping iron in the gym or just kicking back with friends by a campfire, the AoM Retro Tee will keep you looking chill like the chill dude you are. 

The t-shirt has a classic fit and comes in either black or natural white.

Get On Your Horse and Kick Tee

When a character in the novel Lonesome Dove faces a tough setback, the advice cowboy sage Augustus McCrae gives him is to mount up and move on: “There’s nothing you can do but kick your horse.”

Life can only be lived forwards: Feet in the stirrups. Hands on the reins. Eyes towards the horizon.

Made from 100% spun cotton in an antique gold color, the cowboy-inspired design of our Get On Your Horse and Kick Tee challenges you to get back in the saddle; to embrace the ever-onwards ethos embodied in Gus McCrae and the American West; to honor the past while leaning into the promise, and adventure, of tomorrow. 

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