The Original Hawaiiabera Giveaway

by Brett & Kate McKay

What do you get when you cross a Mexican Guayabera with a Hawaiian floral print shirt? You get The Original Hawaiiabera shirt. I’ve always been a big fan of Guayabera or “Old man Mexican barber shirts” as my friends and I call them. I’ve also enjoyed sporting a Hawaiian shirt every now and then. Both […]

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The Polls Are Open: Vote For Your Favorite AoM T-Shirt Design

by Brett & Kate McKay

Notice: Polls are back online. Make sure to cast your vote! Three weeks ago, I made a call for Art of Manliness readers to submit designs for a reader T-shirt contest. Man did you all ever respond. We received many fantastic submissions and I have to say we were blown away by several of them. […]

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Ritual Men’s Grooming Products Giveaway!

by Brett & Kate McKay

Every man has their morning ritual. For many it consists of the simple “Tripple S”- Sh**, Shower, and Shave. Well, two gentleman have started a simple line of men’s grooming products that supports every step of the Triple S routine. Their company is called Ritual and they’re offering to giveaway $80 of their product to […]

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The Manival #10: Independence Day Edition

by Brett & Kate McKay

This week in the United States we’ll be celebrating our Independence Day. The group of men involved with the founding of the United States were some of history’s best and brightest. They stood for the ideals that every man should aspire to. Among that group of men were military geniuses, inventors, and philosophers. It took […]

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Father’s Day Giveaway! $25 Gift Certificate to Outback Steakhouse

by Brett & Kate McKay

Father’s Day is this Sunday. In honor of it, Art of Manliness is giving away a $25 gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse so you can treat good old dad to a juicy steak dinner. But wait there’s more! If you take your dad to any Outback Steakhouse this Father’s Day, he’ll receive a $10 off […]

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The Manival #1

by Brett & Kate McKay

Welcome to first edition of the Manival! The Manival is a blog carnival that brings together the best posts by man bloggers written with men in mind. I’m really excited about the response we got for the first edition. We received 20 submissions for the first Manival. I hope it will continue to grow each […]

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Introducing The Art of Manliness Discussion Forum

by Brett & Kate McKay

Today, I’m excited to announce the addition of a discussion forum to Art of Manliness. You’ll notice a link in the navigation bar to the forum. I encourage you all to sign up today and start engaging each other in a dialog about all things manly.

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