| September 19, 2017


Podcast #340: Life Lessons From an Adventurer

Inside many men is the call for adventure. My guest today is one of those men and listening to that call has led him to pursue a lifetime of amazing expeditions around the globe, all while balancing a demanding career as an airline pilot and family responsibilities. His name is Laval St. Germain and today he shares when he first heard the call for adventure on his grandparent’s farm in western Canada and how he started taking action on it.

We then go through some of the adventures he’s been on, including being the first Canadian to summit Mt. Everest without oxygen, dodging landmines while climbing the highest mountain in Iraq, and rowing across the Atlantic Ocean by himself.

Laval then shares how he tragically lost his son in a canoeing accident and how the habit of making checklists that he developed as a pilot helped him lead his family through the grieving process. We dig deeper into how Laval uses checklists as a pilot, adventurer, and family man. And we end our conversation talking about how regular joes can go on the kinds of adventures Laval regularly undertakes without breaking the bank and while still attending to their families and careers.

Show Highlights

  • Laval’s background and how he created a life of adventure
  • How Laval decided he’d be an adventurer
  • His resume of adventures, including extreme feats of mountaineering, climbing, skiing, and rowing
  • How and why Laval lost three fingers while climbing Everest without oxygen
  • The combo of fitness and genetics that allows Laval to accomplish these feats
  • The harrowing tale of Laval climbing the highest mountain in Iraq
  • Why Laval stepped out of his comfort zone to row across the Atlantic
  • How the loss of Laval’s 21-year-old son affected him, and why it didn’t stop him from adventuring
  • Finding joy and wonder after the loss of a loved one
  • How checklists — yes, checklists — helped Laval know what to do after his son’s death
  • The role that checklists play in Laval’s expeditions
  • Why Laval thinks everyone should utilize the power of checklists
  • How to build more adventure into your life
  • “Step out and shove off!”
  • How to balance fatherhood, family, a career, and adventuring

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