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• Last updated: June 30, 2023

Style Inspiration: How Steve McQueen Rocked His Khakis

Steve mcqueen is pointing a gun.

Today we published a comprehensive piece on why and how to wear khakis. For those who’d enjoy even more style inspiration on how to wear these classic cotton trousers well, we’ve put together a photo gallery of the guy who wore them best: Steve McQueen. Here’s how the King of Cool rocked his khakis from summertime casual to a more dressed up night on the town.

Steve mcqueen riding on motorcycle.

McQueen was so cool, he could even make being a POW seem cool. He did it by pairing his khakis with two great choices — a crewneck sweatshirt, and a leather jacket.

The side view of Steve mcqueen with motorcycle.

Steve mcqueen wearing baseball mitt in hand.

Steve mcqueen sitting on chair.

Khakis pair especially well with denim and chambray shirts.

Steve mcqueen standing in the office.

Steve mcqueen standing with car.

You can dress up your khakis like McQueen does here with a button-down shirt and sport coat. Choose an unstructured, soft-shouldered jacket to match the casualness of your pants.

Steve mcqueen sitting on stone stairs.

Pairing your khakis with a sweater and desert boots makes for a sharp casual look during the cooler months.

Steve mcqueen sitting on ocean rocks.

Steve mcqueen sitting on navy ship.

A polo shirt + khakis is an easy get-up when the temperature starts rising. But as McQueen also proves, all you really need is some khakis, a plain white tee, and a pair of canvas kicks to keep and look cool all summer long.

Steve mcqueen sitting on ocean railing.

Steve mcqueen sitting on stairs.

Steve mcqueen sitting on the sidewalk.

Steve mcqueen sitting on motorcycle.

Finally, for transitional seasons like fall and spring, where temperatures are unpredictable, you can’t go wrong with wearing a Harrington jacket over your khakis.

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