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• Last updated: June 9, 2021

Your New Favorite Friend: The 10-Year Hoodie From Flint and Tinder

Man in Hoodie Standing on mountain.

Back in 8th grade, I acquired my first hoodie. Ever since then, they’ve been a staple in my wardrobe. Hoodies are like denim and t-shirts: democratic, utilitarian, and comfortable. You can wear a hoodie when you’re lifting weights on a crisp fall morning, running errands on the weekend, or just lounging around the house on a cold, gray winter day.

Hoodies are a dime a dozen, but a good hoodie is hard to find. A sartorial holy grail.

For starters, most hoodies are either too thin or too thick. The thin ones can be worn when it’s cool, but they’re not very useful in colder weather; the thick ones are great for when the temperature gets frigid, but too stifling when it’s just mild and you simply want an added layer for comfort. The ideal is something right in the middle — a handy, mid-weight hoodie that can be employed in multiple situations.

The other issue is that many hoodies out on the market are just chintzy and poorly made. Yeah, they’re often cheaper, but you might get a couple years out of them before they start to disintegrate.

Finally, many hoodies just don’t look good. Yes, with hoodies, function is more important than form, but you’d be surprised how a bit of thought in design can elevate a hoodie from frumpy and dumpy to stylish and athletic.

A good hoodie that includes all of these elements may be hard to find, but the search is finally over: the 10-Year Hoodie from Flint and Tinder has arrived.

It’s the Platonic Form of hoodies. Comfortable, rugged, and handsome. Warm but not stuffy. Made in America to last a whole decade. It’s become my favorite hoodie, and I think it will be your next favorite hoodie, too.

The folks at Huckberry recently took over Flint and Tinder and they’re doing a complete re-launch of the brand. We’re honored to be the first on the web to announce the roll-out of the new and improved 10-Year Hoodie, the cornerstone of the collection.

A few weeks ago, Huckberry paid me a visit here in Tulsa, OK so I could put the 10-Year Hoodie through the paces and give folks a behind-the-scenes look of what goes on here at AoM.

So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to your next favorite piece of clothing: the 10-Year Hoodie from Flint and Tinder.

The 10-Year Hoodie: The Specs

Man in Hoodie reading book.

100% American Supply Chain

  • Cotton, yarn, knitting, and dying harvested and done in the Southeast
  • Zippers made in Georgia
  • Cut, sewn, and finished in Los Angeles
  • Twill tape on neck and zipper made in Philadelphia

Blue Hoodie.

10-Year Guarantee

  • Built to last and backed for 10 years with FREE mending

Man in Hoodie doing Workout.

Fabric and Design

  • 70% cotton/30% poly blend fabric. Provides the perfect balance of mid-weight comfort and ruggedness.
  • Lined with super soft fleece.
  • Comes in 5 colors: navy, black, oatmeal, gray, and forest.
  • Unshrinkable fabric — don’t worry about a post-dryer disaster. Wear, wash, repeat.
  • Fits true-to-size with a design that’s roomy but not baggy.
  • Metal-tipped drawstrings, dyed to match hoodie color. 
  • Front pockets shaped so your valuables don’t fall out.
  • Hidden interior media pocket for your phone, wallet, or travel documents (this is a clutch addition to the hoodie).

Other Made-in-America Flint and Tinder Products

Man holding american football.

Besides the 10-Year Hoodie, Flint and Tinder makes other comfortable, rugged, and stylish wardrobe staples right here in the USA including, tees, henleys, underwear, and jeans. I’ve pretty much been wearing nothing but Flint and Tinder for the past few weeks. Super comfortable and looks great. It perfectly nails the kind of rugged, classic style I’ve long wanted to evince, but couldn’t find clothes which captured.

A Day in My Life

Man in Hoodie working in Library.

Huckberry followed me around for a day to see what a typical day was like for me (wearing the 10-year Hoodie, natch). You can see the profile here.

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