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• Last updated: June 2, 2021

How to Load a Pick-up Truck

How to load a pickup truck for moving.

If you own a truck, at some point you’re going to be asked to help someone move. Knowing how to do it correctly can save you a lot of time and hassle. To help you know how to tackle this job like a pro, we talked with a bevy of professional movers to get the scoop on how to load a pick-up truck correctly when moving.

  1. Check the payload limits. Payload capacity is the amount of weight a truck can carry. It includes both passengers and cargo. Payload limits are typically found on a label on the rim of the driver’s door. Don’t try to carry too much in a single trip; take multiple loads if needed.
  2. Load heavy items near the cab. Heavy items like books should be loaded as close to the cab as possible. Loading heavy items near the cab will help your truck maintain good handling on the road and prevent possible damage to the suspension and drive train. Make sure weight is evenly distributed left to right. Secure with ratchet straps.
  3. Load large items on sides. Place pictures, mirrors and heavy furniture on the sides. Securely wrap and glass or mirrored items as well.
  4. Load boxes in between large items on sides. Start loading boxes in between the large items. Heavier boxes should be on the bottom; lighter boxes on top. Pack enough so that the mirrors and pictures can’t move. You want things snug. Maintain left to right weight balance. Secure to bed with ratchet straps.
  5. Place tarp or webbing over boxes. This is just added security. You don’t want your stuff flying out of the bed of the truck when you’re on the freeway. A tarp can also ensure that your things don’t get wet if it’s raining.
  6. Admire a job well done.

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Illustration by Ted Slampyak

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