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• Last updated: June 1, 2021

Sunday Firesides: Act on What You Have, to Get What You Don’t

Act on What You Have, to Get What You Don’t poster.

Have you ever felt stuck in life? That you’re not progressing? You feel that to move forward, you need a new insight, a new approach, a new bit of direction. But you can’t seem to figure out what that might be.

There’s a reason for this: you haven’t done anything with the knowledge and the nudges you’ve previously gotten.

To unlock that which you don’t yet have, you have to take action on that which you already possess.

When you act on the to-do’s which pop up in your head, by writing them down, you will receive more remembrances to record.

When you act on an idea of creative inspiration, you will receive more of these ah-ha moments.

When you act on something a friend divulges, by showing genuine interest, you will receive more of their disclosures.

When you act on a suggestion given by a mentor, you will receive more of their advice.  

When you act on a spiritual prompting, you will receive more of this revelatory guidance.

When you act to take the first step forward, the next, heretofore unimagined step, will materialize.

When you don’t do anything with what you’ve already been granted, you lose even those gifts, and the well of subsequent sparks dries up. In contrast, when you act upon what your psyche/associate/God/the universe has given you at the present, it ascertains that you can be trusted with more in the future. And keeps on delivering such.

The artist Rembrandt described the principle this way: “Try to put well into practice what you already know; in so doing you will, in good time, discover the hidden things which you now inquire about.”

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