× Frame 1: Stop the bowl from filling further by removing the top of the tank and pressing the flapper down. Frame 2: Warm up your plunger by running it under hot water for a minute. Callout: Always use a flange plunger, whose flared end contours to the shape of the toilet bowl. Frame 3: Press the plunger into the bottom of the bowl, taking care to ensure a tight seal is formed. Frame 4: Push the plunger in and then release, allowing the plunger to pop back out. Make sure the tight seal is maintained during both directions of movement. Frame 5: Aid breakup of organic matter blockages by mixing four cups of hot water with a few drops of dish soap. Pour the mixture into the toilet and let it sit for 30 minutes before plunging again. Frame 6: Use an auger to break up particularly difficult clogs. Insert the auger into the bowl’s drain until you feel resistance. Use the handle to rotate the tip of the auger until it breaks up or snags the clog for easy removal.

| June 9, 2017

Last updated: October 15, 2018

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How to Unclog a Toilet Like a Plumber: An Illustrated Guide

how to unclog a toilet step-by-step diagram illustration

Toilet clogs come in a couple varieties. Sometimes kids take toys and other household items for a dip in the porcelain pool. Oftentimes, though, it’s the adult members of the household who clog the loo with deposits of organic matter.

Either way, these blockages put your commode out of commission and can also wreak havoc if overflowing water begins to spill into your bathroom. Learn to stop the chaos and fix the situation with a few handy tips and tricks of the trade. Start with a plunger, add in a secret concoction, and deal the final blow with an auger if necessary, and you’ll be able to mount your ivory throne once more.

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Illustration by Ted Slampyak