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July 29, 2020

Podcast #631: How to Prevent and Survive a Home Invasion

You’re lying in bed at night and hear a noise downstairs. Is there someone in your house, and if there is, do you know what to do?

While we’d like to think we’d rise to the occasion and readily dispatch with the bad guys, my guest today argues that without preparation and training, you’re likely to flounder, and that you should have put more thought into how to keep the invader out of your house in the first place.

His name is Dave Young, and he’s a security expert and the author of How to Defend Your Family and Home: Outsmart an Invader, Secure Your Home, Prevent a Burglary and Protect Your Loved Ones from Any Threat. We begin our conversation with how Dave got involved with security training, the intensive field research he did for his book, and the basic equation criminals use in deciding whether or not to make your house a target. We then delve into how to tweak that equation in your favor, beginning with casing your house like a criminal would; we go over the vulnerabilities to look for as you walk the perimeter of your property, and the actionable changes to make to deter would-be home invaders. Dave then walks us through what to do if someone does invade your home, including the criteria to use in picking a place to hide, choosing a weapon to fight back, and selecting an engagement point to confront the intruder. We also get into the importance of firearm training, if you decide to own a gun for self-defense. We end our conversation with an oft-overlooked part of surviving a home invasion: the months and years of psychological and judicial aftermath. 

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Show Highlights

  • Dave’s experience with a home invasion and burglary 
  • The most common scenarios of home invasions 
  • The bad guy equation to discouraging crime 
  • How and why to case your house like a criminal 
  • Using your landscaping in your favor 
  • The lowdown on paid security systems 
  • Being situationally aware in your neighborhood 
  • Yet another reason to be mindful of your social media posts 
  • Choosing good escape routes for every room in your house 
  • Criteria for picking an improvised weapon 
  • The importance of firearm safety 
  • What happens after a home invasion? Why is it so important to talk about?

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