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• Last updated: January 12, 2021

Podcast #674: How to Land Your Dream Job

Chances are, you’ve got a job right now. Chances are even good that you have a pretty decent job. But there’s also a good chance that you often desire something more from your work life. Not just a better job, but the kind of job you’ve always wanted. A dream job.

Whether you’re currently employed or not, my guest today has concrete advice on how to turn your longing for a dream job into a reality. His name is Ramit Sethi and he’s a personal finance expert, the owner of I Will Teach You to Be Rich, and the creator of the Find Your Dream Job program. Today on the show, Ramit explains why finding your dream job, even in our current economic environment, is entirely viable, as long as you understand that this pursuit is a skill like any other. He then walks listeners through what the average job seeker does wrong, and what the skill of landing your dream job actually involves, beginning with knowing which of three career seasons you’re currently in. We get into why you shouldn’t just look for an opening with the same job title that you have now, but should figure out what your dream company and dream role look like instead. Ramit shares the 10-second test you should do to determine if you’ve got a winning resume, and what you should put in and take out of your resume as well as your cover letter. We also get into how to prepare for and ace a job interview, including how to answer the infamous “Tell me about yourself” question, as well as other sticky questions like why you’ve been out of work for a long time or were fired from your last job. We end our conversation with considerations to think about if you’re contemplating changing careers to a completely different field.

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Show Highlights

  • Why don’t we believe that the dream job is possible?
  • Aren’t we still in a pandemic? Why shouldn’t we just settle for the career we have?
  • Does career fulfillment only come through entrepreneurship? 
  • How do you figure out what your dream job even is?
  • The importance of knowing which career season you’re in 
  • How do you find jobs these days?
  • What should people really be doing with their resumes?
  • The lowdown on cover letters
  • How to prepare for a job interview 
  • Quitting your current job without burning bridges 
  • How and when to make 180-degree career changes

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