April 4, 2014


Art of Manliness Podcast #62: Play It Away with Charlie Hoehn

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In today’s episode I talk to Charlie Hoehn, author of Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety. Charlie and I talk about his mental and emotional burnout from work and how rediscovering the joys of play helped him recover. I’m sure many of you listening will relate to Charlie’s story. I know I did. Putting into practice what Charlie advocates has definitely helped me.


Show Highlights:

  • How Charlie worked himself to a mental, physical, and emotional breakdown
  • How Charlie tried just about everything to overcome his burnout and how none of it worked
  • How a simple game of catch changed everything for him
  • Why your “anchors” are probably keeping you in a mental and emotional rut
  • Why you need to reconnect with your kid-self
  • And much more!

Listen to the Podcast!

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