Art of Manliness Podcast #43: Simple Marriage with Dr. Corey Allan

by Brett on April 11, 2013 · 7 comments

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Welcome back to another episode of the Art of Manliness podcast!

In this edition we talk to Dr. Corey Allan, a marriage and family therapist and the founder of Simple Marriage — a website about how to strengthen and improve marriages and families. Allan has written two ebooks on marriage and has created self-guided online courses (like Blow Up My Marriage) to help couples improve their relationship.

Highlights from the episode include:

  • What a man thinking about marriage can do NOW to get ready
  • Why Nice Guys suck at marriage
  • The most common problems in a marriage
  • Signs you need to talk to a therapist
  • And much more!

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1 Mark April 15, 2013 at 9:56 am

This podcast was the first time I ever thought that AoM was off base. I wonder how much of this is a regional thing. Maybe mores are different where Dr. Allen practices. I know that no relationship will ever move forward in any regard unless someone gets “their way”. i.e. There is always someone who ‘loses’ when a point of contention appears. I don’t, however, think that it’s valuable to assume that the man will *always* have the right idea, and women ‘want to be led.’ I think it’s solidly situational. For me, a real man will also listen, reason, and have the nuts to know when his wife is actually right in a given situation. If we’re dealing with stereotypes, men tend to be driven and rush in with passion, and that isn’t always right. A real partner or best friend, which a woman ideally is, can add balance to that and should be equally as likely to captain the USS Relationship as the man. My $0.02.

2 jg April 15, 2013 at 11:09 am

“You can change the system by changing you”.

Best line of advice.

3 Tim April 16, 2013 at 7:15 am

The part about neither of you sacrificing anything (substantial) and having full individual lives is spot on, in my experience. This was a good listen.

4 Paul April 16, 2013 at 11:46 am

I agree Mark

5 Jacques April 17, 2013 at 10:43 pm

I’m with Mark on this one.

“For me, a real man will also listen, reason, and have the nuts to know when his wife is actually right in a given situation.”


6 Lee August 5, 2013 at 1:38 pm

Agreed, Jacques, Paul, and Mark.
What is manliness? Manliness is leadership.

7 Jay August 23, 2013 at 8:20 pm

Mark has the right idea here, maybe do a podcast with him haha

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