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How to Turn a Plastic Jug Into a Lantern

Headlamps give you a focused beam of light. Lanterns disperse light to illuminate a broader area.

If you have the latter, and want the ambient lighting effect of the former, you can use a headlamp to create a lantern if you have a plastic water or milk jug on hand. It’s a super simple camping trick that can give you the lantern-like glow you’re looking for.

Put out a water or milk jug. If the jug had milk in it, rinse it out, and refill the jug with water. Remove the label.

Put the headlamp around the jug’s body.

Turn the headlamp around, so that the lamp part is facing into the jug.

Turn the headlamp on and — boom! — you’ve got yourself a lantern. The handle makes it easy to tote around camp.

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