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• Last updated: April 25, 2024

How to Follow the Art of Manliness

Back when we started the Art of Manliness in 2008, there were about three ways you could follow our latest content: type “” in your browser, subscribe to our newsletter, or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Since then, the number of ways you can follow AoM have proliferated. 

Below you’ll find all the ways you can get the latest articles and podcast episodes from AoM. Pick which option(s) work for you. 

(FREE) Email Newsletter

We’ve had an email newsletter since before email newsletters were cool.

And, unlike many email newsletters these days, you can get the entire text of articles in it, and it’s 100% FREE.

We have two email subscription options:

Daily Newsletter. Our daily newsletter provides the FULL text of the articles that we published the day before. You’ll get your daily newsletter every morning at 5 AM CT.

Weekly Digest. The weekly digest is sent out every Sunday morning. It includes headlines of all the articles and podcasts that we published during the week. You can then click which articles you want to read in full. Great option if you want to limit the number of emails you get.

Both our daily newsletter and weekly digest include links to archival articles and podcasts that are still relevant today. With nearly 4,000 posts in our archives, the newsletter is an easy way to discover all the timeless and evergreen content in the AoM treasury.

RSS Feed

Read AoM like it’s 2008 all over again with RSS!

RSS is a web feed that most websites have that allows you to read information from a website without actually going to the website. A lot of the internet runs on RSS feeds — you just don’t realize it. 

AoM has a FULL text RSS Feed. And yes, it’s FREE. You can read AoM in the RSS reader of your choice. 

The AoM App on iOS or Android

We’ve got an app for iOS and Android. 


We got a Telegram channel where we share a link to the article we published that day along with a piece of archival content. 

Apple News

Use Apple News? Follow us.

Google News

More of a Google News man? You can get our latest articles there


We’ve got an official AoM Flipboard that you can follow that shows all of our most recent articles. 


We post links to our most recent articles/podcasts as well as links to archival content on Twitter. We don’t interact on Twitter; we just use the channel to broadcast our content. 


We’ve got a surprisingly large following on Pinterest– 300K+ followers. 


We’re not particularly active on Instagram. We generally just post our weekly Sunday Firesides there and we do a monthly round-up of our podcast. 


I’ve discovered a surprising number of people who only use LinkedIn for their social media. We’ve got a decent-sized following on our LinkedIn page. I share two posts a day there: the new post that we published that day and something from our archives. 


We update Facebook twice per day — once with a popular article from the archives, and once with the new article/podcast that we published that day or the day before. Facebook isn’t the best place to follow us. Thanks to FB’s algorithm, the chances of seeing our articles in your feed are almost zero unless you tell FB to show all of our updates. 

Don’t Forget to Subscribe to the Podcast!

And while I got your attention, if you haven’t already, please follow our podcast in the podcast player of your choice.

We’re on:

Or if you have a creepy smart speaker, you can just tell it to “Play the Art of Manliness Podcast.”

Thanks for reading and listening to AoM. We greatly appreciate it. 

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