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• Last updated: September 27, 2021

The Art of Manliness: Best of July 2009

Last month was a big one for Art of Manliness. We started off the month with the redesign of the site. Thanks for all of your fantastic feedback on it. We also launched our new line of t-shirts and hosted another epic Saddleback Leather Company  giveaway. Once again, the contest really drew a crowd. Thanks for your participation!

We ended the month with over 700,000 visits and the subscriber count reached 44,000. Thank you for continuing to spread the word about AoM. We couldn’t be successful without your help.

Let’s take a look at July’s most popular posts:

100 Must See Movies: The Men’s Essential Movie Library

The Best Guns For Home Defense

Command a Room Like a Man

Motivational Posters: George S. Patton Edition

A Man’s Guide to Summer Dress

The Community

The blog isn’t the only part of the Art of Manliness site. If you’d like to connect with other men who are interested in rediscovering the lost art of manliness, make sure to join the Community. We have over 3,700 registered members from all over the world. In the Community, you can share manly pics, write a blog post about a manly skill, or take part in one of the hundreds of discussions going on.


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