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• Last updated: June 1, 2021

Sunday Firesides: Action Is Your Purpose

One of the keenest desires of every individual is to find his purpose — the reason you’re here on earth, a grand, overarching why to guide your days.

The search for this all-encompassing purpose (really, typically purposes, plural) is a worthy one, and often a decades-long pursuit.

But while you’re in the hunt for your singular calling, there is a more universal type of purpose to embrace: the pursuit of action.

Take as your aim the task of ever closing the gap between intention and follow-through. 

Let your raison d’etre be an uncompromising commitment to turning possibilities into realities, passivity into motion, planning into execution, abstraction into concretion.

Make it your end to convert potential energy into kinetic.

You will find that the effects of adopting this schema are disproportionate to its seeming simplicity. You will find in its objective a sufficiently motivating why. You will find that being able to say, “I thought about the thing . . . and then I did the thing,” to be deeply satisfying, and often the only meaning in life you need. You will find yourself moving ever closer to fulfilling the measure of your creation.

To the question of purpose, action is an answer. And it is only in pursuing its small steps, trials and errors, repeated experiments — in immersing yourself in as many firsthand experiences as you can — that you ever do discover the great and grand things you were truly meant to do.

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