× How to Eat a Lobster Frame 1: Detach the claws from the body.  Separate the claw at the knuckle, and break off the bottom part of the claw.  Then use a lobster/nutcracker to break the claw and knuckle open.  Remove the meat with fingers and a small fork. Frame 2: Break the tail off by bending it up and away from the body. Frame 3: Pull the flippers off the tail and discard.  Use a fork to push the tail meat out from the flipper side. Frame 4: Separate the back shell from the body and legs. Keep an eye out for a green goo known as "tomalley," which some consider to be best part of the  lobster. Frame 5: Open the body section like a book and pick out the bits of meat inside. Frame 6: Pull off the legs and suck the meat through the legs like a straw.

| July 27, 2016

Last updated: October 15, 2018

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How to Eat a Lobster: An Illustrated Guide

how to Eat a Lobster illustration diagram

Few foods are more decadent than a fresh lobster. Bright red and steaming with savory, delicate morsels of shellfish, this prized dish is sure to set you back a pretty penny (even when cooking it yourself!). On that special occasion when you take the plunge to treat yourself, don’t ruin the experience by destroying this beautiful crustacean with your over-eager man hands. Dissect the lobster and eat it like a pro.

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Illustrated by Ted Slampyak