May 24, 2014


Art of Manliness Podcast #69: Be Your Own CFO with J.D. Roth

In this week’s podcast, I talk to J.D. Roth, founder of the personal finance blog, Get Rich Slowly, about his new ebook Be Your Own CFO and online course, Money Tool Box. If you’re looking for ways to improve your finances, you’re going to get a lot out of this episode.

Show highlights:

  • How J.D. became an accidental personal finance expert
  • Why we can be meticulous with our business’ finances, but sloppy with our personal finances
  • Why getting control of your finances begins with having a mission statement
  • Do budgets really work?
  • What metrics you need to keep track of to know whether you’re financially healthy
  • And much more!

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Special thanks to Keelan O’Hara for editing the podcast!

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