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Art of Manliness FAQ


1. Do you accept article submissions?

We are not currently accepting submissions for guest articles. 

2. I have a new blog/podcast and need some advice on getting traffic and making money on it. Can you give me some advice?

I unfortunately don’t have time to personally give advice on blogging or podcasting, and even if I did have time, my advice wouldn’t be very useful to you. AoM started in 2008, a time when the online landscape was significantly different than it is now. So how I personally found success wouldn’t be relevant to someone starting out now. I recommend checking out the many helpful sites out there that are wholly dedicated to helping would-be bloggers and podcasters get started. 

3. Will you do a review of my product/book? 

We do not do product or book reviews on the site. If you send me a book, and it looks interesting, I may contact you to set up a podcast interview. Otherwise, you will not receive a reply.

4. Is there a sister site to the Art of Manliness for women?

There does not currently exist a sister site to the Art of Manliness that’s aimed at women, and Kate and I are too busy with AoM alone to start one.

5. If you don’t have the time to start a sister site yourselves, would you like to partner with me in starting one?

If the site were connected to AoM in any way, we’d like to have some oversight on it, and even here we just don’t have the time or bandwidth to keep tabs on another project.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from starting an Art of Womanliness-esque site on your own that’s not connected to AoM. If you do so, we wish you the best of luck in the endeavor!

6. Is this a Christian blog?

Although the Art of Manliness encourages men to live moral, ethical, and virtuous lives, AoM is not a Christian blog. Christianity and religion in general do not have a monopoly on morality or virtuous living. There is a void on the internet for websites that talk about having principles but do so in a secular manner. The Art of Manliness hopes to fill that void and welcomes readers of any creed or faith, or of no faith at all.

7. I have a specific style/dressing question. Can you help me with it?

I unfortunately don’t have time to answer specific style/dressing questions that you may have. I highly recommend going through all of our dressing and grooming articles as well as visiting Real Men Real Style content.

8. Can I interview Brett for a podcast/blog post/etc?

My schedule currently doesn’t permit me to do interviews.

9. Does Brett do speaking engagements?


10. Have you written about “X”?

Before you ask us that, please run a search on our site. We’ve published over 3,500 articles in the past ten years. Chances are we’ve written about it.

11. Why am I getting notifications from you on my computer/phone? Make it stop! 

You may have accidentally opted-in to our push notification service that sends a notification to your phone or desktop browser. Since you opted in via your own browser, we can’t make them stop on our end. You’ll have to opt out yourself using the instructions here