May 12, 2014


Art of Manliness Podcast #67: The Manliness of Jack London with Earle Labor

In this week’s episode of the Art of Manliness podcast I had the privilege of speaking with 80-something Jack London scholar Earle Labor about his new biography entitled Jack London: An American Life. Dr. Labor spent four decades working on this book! If you enjoyed reading our series on the life of Jack London, you’re going to enjoy listening to this podcast.

Show Highlights:

  • The adventures and professional success Jack London had achieved before he was 30
  • What college students can learn from London on developing disciplined study habits
  • What London did to improve his writing
  • What London meant by living a life filled with the spirit of “romance and adventure”
  • What London can teach men about being a “Complete Man”
  • The flaws that haunted London throughout his career and personal life
  • How young men today can live a life of adventure like Jack London
  • And much more!


I highly recommend picking up a copy of Jack London: An American Life. It’s a great read and super inspiring. You’ll want to head out to the Klondike or sail around the world after you’re done reading it.

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