| November 18, 2010


How to Follow the Art of Manliness

If you follow the Art of Manliness, chances are you probably visit the site directly every day to check if we’ve posted something new. If there isn’t a new article when you visit the first time, then you keep coming back throughout the day to check if a new one has gone up. That’s not a very efficient use of your time. You should be out doing manly things like arm wrestling bears or shaving with an axe blade after using it to split wood.

To help save you the time and hassle of repeatedly checking AoM for updates, there are several ways to be notified as soon as a new article goes up so you’ll never miss anything we publish. As many readers do not know about these options, below we’ve listed the four best ways to follow the Art of Manliness.

Subscribe to the Email Newsletter

Want to start off your morning with a daily dose of manliness? Join over 29,00 people who get our daily email every morning with the previous day’s articles. After signing up, you’ll get an email only if we’ve updated the site. If we’ve posted several times during the day, you’ll only get ONE email with all the published articles for the day. Pretty nifty if you ask us.

You can unsubscribe at any time (there’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email-just click it and you’re done) and your email will be kept private.

Follow Us on Facebook

We have a Facebook Page where we automatically post links to our latest articles as soon as we publish them. When you “Like” us on Facebook, anytime we publish a new article, you’ll get an update in your Facebook Newsfeed. You’ll also get an update in your Newsfeed when we publish anything on The Trunk-where we post up things we found on the web and the winners of our giveaways. This is a really easy way to follow the Art of Manliness. Join 44,000 folks who get the latest updates from AoM via Facebook.

Subscribe via RSS

RSS is how I keep track of over 100 blogs and news sources. RSS feeds put content delivery on auto-pilot and our website will let you know when we’ve posted something new at The Art of Manliness within minutes. The best part? You don’t even have to visit the site to read the content (though you should drop by to participate in the conversation). Not only do you save time, but you get the information you want without having to go looking for it. If you’ve never used RSS before, we have a page with information to educate yourself on it. Join over 48,000 people following AoM via RSS.

Follow us on Twitter

If you use Twitter, follow @artofmanliness and you’ll get an update whenever we post something new. I also occasionally do quick giveaways on Twitter. Join over 11,000 folks following AoM via Twitter.

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