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• Last updated: September 27, 2021

Shave and a Haircut: Hudson Hawk [VIDEO]

Last year Jordan Crowder and I visited Razorbacks Barbershop in Long Beach, CA and brought a camera along to document the experience and talk to the owners. I figured it was time I did something similar at another barbershop.

In this edition of “Shave and a Haircut” I visit Hudson Hawk Barber & Shop in Springfield, MO to talk to owners Thad Forrester and Paul Catlett, as well as a few other barbers that work there. I had a great time spending the day with these fine folks. In addition to this video, I filmed a bunch of other ones while I was there on grooming topics ranging from how to talk to your barber to how to get a side-part haircut. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you get those videos as soon as they’re published. If you ever find yourself in Springfield, I definitely recommend checking out Hudson Hawk. It’s an awesome shop and I wish they’d open one up in Tulsa. Come on down guys!

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Filmed by Andrew Edwards

Edited by Jordan Crowder

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