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• Last updated: September 9, 2023

My New Favorite Knot

I recently discovered my new favorite knot.

It’s known as the lineman’s loop or the alpine butterfly knot.

Why is it my new favorite knot? A few reasons: First, it’s just a lot of fun to tie. It’s really easy, so easy, my 9-year-old picked it up in a minute. Now I have a rope with a bunch of alpine butterfly knots on it.

Beyond that, it’s just an incredibly useful knot. It creates a loop in the middle of the rope that is capable of withstanding heavy loads from any direction, making it an excellent choice for mountaineers, rock climbers, and rescue professionals who demand a knot that won’t give under pressure.

You can also use the alpine butterfly to create loops mid-line so that you can clip gear to it to keep your stuff off the ground while camping.

The alpine butterfly can be used to isolate damaged sections of rope as well. Let’s say you got a bit of frayed rope. Make that the loop of your alpine butterfly, and you’ve removed the frayed portion of the rope.  

While this knot is incredibly strong and secure, it can be untied easily, even after being subjected to intense strain.

Whether you’re embarking on a climbing expedition, preparing for a rescue mission, or simply setting up a hammock in your backyard, the alpine butterfly offers a strong, secure, and easy-to-tie knot for getting the job done.

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