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• Last updated: May 29, 2021

The Most Valuable Gift Is Your Time: Spend It With Dad

The most valuable Gift is your Time; Spend It With Dad.

Father’s Day is next week. It’s a day to remember dad and tell him thanks for all the things he’s done for you. If you’re a dad, it’s a time to remember the important role you have in your children’s lives.

We often celebrate Father’s Day by getting dad a nice gift — a fishing pole, a tie, maybe an awesome power drill. While such a gesture shows your thoughtfulness and will likely be much appreciated by Dad, the most precious gift you can give can’t be wrapped up in any box: it’s your time. Because you only have so much of it, and can’t get it back once you spend it, time is one of the best and most meaningful gifts you can give your loved ones.

This year for Father’s Day, don’t just do a drive-by hello and gift drop-off for your dad. Really spend some quality time with him.

To help you think of what to do together, we took to Twitter to ask folks what their most cherished memories are of time spent with dear old dad. We also asked dads what they like doing with their kids. What’s surprising (but really shouldn’t be) is how simple and common the activities are. The things we remember most fondly are often not the big events we do with our parents, but the little moments that turn out to mean a lot. Maybe you’ll get some ideas on how you can spend time with dad (or if you’re a dad, on how to spend time with your kids).

Happy Father’s Day.

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