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• Last updated: September 25, 2021

Turkey Week: How to Deep Fry a Turkey [VIDEO]

How to Deep Fry a Turkey

1. Brine your Turkey as you normally would then rinse and dry thoroughly.

2. Take the pot you intend to fry your bird in and place the turkey in it and fill with water until the water just covers the turkey. Remove the turkey and mark the spot where the water level is at and that is how much oil you will need to fry your turkey.

3. Injection – Now is the time to inject your turkey with any additional marinades or sauces for added flavor. Even just injection melted butter will add extra flavor to the turkey. Use your imagination and do what you like.

4. Fill a pot with a good frying oil (usually peanut oil) up to the pre-measured mark.

5. Light your fire and heat oil to 275 degrees

6. Make sure turkey is free from excess moisture on the outside and slowly lower into the oil. (a good idea to turn your fire off at this point to avoid any fires if there is a spillover of oil) You can relight the fire once the turkey is in the pot.

7. Fry for approximately 3 min per pound or until 165 internal temperature.

8. Turn off fire and remove the turkey from the cooking oil.

9. Place in a pan to rest for 20-30 min.

10. Carve your turkey and enjoy

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