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• Last updated: May 3, 2024

The Cheapest, Easiest, Most Ridiculously Effective Way to Eradicate Mosquitoes From Your Property

A black bucket on the ground surrounded by leaves, containing water with green plants growing from it and a sign reading "the cheapest way to eradicate mosquitoes.

Now that warmer weather has arrived, mosquitos are beginning to show up as well. 

I’ve done battle against these detestable bloodsuckers for some years now.

Thanks to treating mosquito breeding grounds (i.e., standing water) around my property, I’d significantly reduced the number of mosquitoes bugging us.

Then, early last summer, I came across a new weapon in my war on these infernal pests: the mosquito bucket. 

Once I put a mosquito bucket on my property, the number of mosquitoes I encountered during the rest of the summer dropped to almost zero. We could enjoy being outside by the pool without getting bit or play pick-up basketball games in the driveway without constantly slapping away mosquitoes.

The mosquito bucket is cheap and simple but highly effective. Put one on your property and watch the mosquito population around your home dwindle to near extinction.

How to Create a Mosquito Bucket

The mosquito bucket is a trap for mosquitoes.

To reduce mosquitoes around your property, you must disrupt their breeding ground: standing water. 

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. Still, stagnant water provides mosquito larvae with the bacteria and microorganisms they need for food. 

You can kill mosquito larvae by placing mosquito dunks in any standing water on your property. Mosquito dunks are donut-shaped tablets made of bacteria that only kill mosquito larvae. They don’t kill other insects. They’re cheap.

Eliminating and treating mosquito breeding grounds can go a long way in controlling mosquitoes around your home. But it’s not foolproof. Mosquitoes are wily suckers. They can find not-so-obvious places on your property to lay eggs. The bit of water that collects in the depression of a leaf is sufficient for a mosquito to lay its eggs. 

With a mosquito bucket, you purposely create a hyper-attractive, but fatal, standing water environment to lure mosquitoes to lay their eggs there. 

Creating a mosquito bucket is cheap and easy; here’s how to do it:

Get a 5-gallon bucket, fill it halfway with water, add grass, leaves, and other organic matter, and toss in a mosquito dunk. 

Place your mosquito bucket near areas where you spend a lot of time outdoors. 

That’s it. You’ve now created a weapon of mass mosquito destruction.

As the grass and leaves rot in the water, carbon dioxide is released, which attracts mama mosquitoes that are ready to lay eggs.

But what the mama mosquitos don’t realize is that you’ve put a mosquito dunk in this incredibly luxe mosquito birthing center. Any mosquito larvae that emerge from the eggs she lays in the mosquito bucket will die an instant and ignominious death. 

No new blood-sucking adult mosquitos will emerge from the mosquito bucket. The mosquito bucket destroys the mosquito lineage that would otherwise haunt your property.

Every thirty days, add a new mosquito dunk and some fresh grass and leaves to your bucket.

One mosquito bucket should cover the average-size house lot in the United States. If you have a larger property, consider adding more mosquito buckets as needed.

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