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• Last updated: June 1, 2021

Resistance Band Training [VIDEO]

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Looking for a strength training workout that you can take with you on the road and do in your hotel? Or are you an older man who wants to get in shape, but your joints aren’t what they used to be? Well, resistance band training just might be for you. Darrin Crowder (our video editor Jordan Crowder’s dad) demonstrates the versatility of resistance band training. Darrin, at 54 years young, is a competitive Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter and in incredible shape. He credits resistance band training to the success he’s had in BJJ.

If you’ve smirked at the idea of resistance bands being an effective strength training tool, this video might make you give them a second look. I’m going to pick up a set for when I’m on the road. Portable and affordable.

Most of the bands Darrin used in the video are from LifeLine (Mr. Crowder is not affiliated with the company — he’s just an honest-to-goodness user and fan). You can add bands to add weight, sort of like dumbbells. A door attachment will allow you to vary the exercises you can perform.

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Video by Jordan Crowder

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