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• Last updated: September 26, 2021

How to Use Your Baby as a Piece of Exercise Equipment: An Illustrated Guide

Use baby as exercise equipment.

When you’re a new dad, it becomes hard to fit in a good workout. But you’d be surprised as to how many exercises you can perform using only your kiddo (and a car seat). What’s more, when you use your tot as a piece of exercise equipment, you get a workout, while your little champ gets all the benefits that come with roughhousing.

It’s win-win. Note: Make sure you wait to do these exercises until your baby is ready for the action. Before you start tossing them around, they should be able to hold their neck up and sit up by themselves. In other words, don’t catapult a 6-week-old newborn like a cannonball.

  1. Baby kettlebell swing.
  2. Baby goblet squat
  3. Baby medicine ball toss.
  4. Baby torso rotation.
  5. Baby bicep curls.
  6. Baby front raises.

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