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December 6, 2012 Last updated: October 11, 2019

Know Your Lifts: Deadlift

Start Start with bar on ground. (maybe not necessary, as it is implied) Stand with bar above the center of your feet. Feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart, pointed straight ahead. Hands about shoulder-width apart with overhand grip. Arms vertical to floor outside of knees. Quads about vertical with floor. Bend knees until shins hit bar. Shoulder-blades directly over bar. Lift Drive feet into floor and push up with legs. Keep bar close to body -- roll it over your knees and thighs until hips and knees are locked. Back erect with slight arch. Do not round or flatten back. Lift your chest but don't squeeze your shoulder-blades. Head inline with spine, chin up, looking straight ahead. Do not lean backward or bend forward. Pull bar until arms hang straight, bar is at mid-thigh. Lower Push hips back first, and then bend your knees once bar reaches knee level.

“Know Your Lifts” is an illustrated guide series where we’ll show how to perform basic weight lifting exercises. Last time we covered the High-Bar Squat. On the docket today is another essential and beastly exercise: the deadlift.

Thanks to Barry Schroeder and Jim Schoenberg of CrossFit Sandstorm for consulting on this post.

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Illustration by Ted Slampyak