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August 7, 2012 Last updated: November 7, 2018

How to Make a Bed

Spread out bottom, fitted sheet and fit corners of sheet around corners of mattress. Stand at foot of bed and spread top sheet over fitted sheet. The end of the sheet with the large hem goes at head of bed. Leave a small space between top of sheet and head of bed. At foot of bed, tuck end of sheet between mattress and box springs. Ensure sheet lays smoothly between the two. Make a hospital corner on one side of mattress at foot of bed. Grab and lift the draping sheet from the side about 16 inches from foot of bed. Fold the sheet back over the mattress. (image of hands lifting sheet up from that point. the attached image labeled "nurse1" is a good depiction of this step) Frame 5: Tuck in triangle-shaped lower drape between mattress and box springs. Hold the corner in place with your free hand and fold the top drape over. You want the fold on the top drape to form a 45-degree angle. Repeat on opposite corner of mattress. Tuck in sheet on both sides of the bed. Repeat process with blanket. Put pillow in case and back on head of bed. Add comforter. Smooth everything down.

Why make your bed? Well, not only does doing it every day build your discipline, which strengthens your willpower, keeping your place looking orderly helps conserve your day-to-day willpower supply as well, so you can channel it into more important tasks. Plus it just looks nice, and it feels really good to get into a made bed when you turn in each night. If you want to learn a military-style method for a tighter result, here’s how to make a bed you can bounce a quarter off of.

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