× How to burp a baby. Method 1:
  • Baby sits on lap
  • Support chest with base of hand
  • Cup chin with thumb and index fingers
  • Bounce leg gently if needed
Method 2:
  • Lay baby across lap
  • Baby's belly lays across your thigh
  • Hold head higher than chest
  • Pat and rub back gently
Method 3:
  • Baby's chin rest on your shoulder
  • Support head and neck
  • Pat and rub back gently

| February 16, 2018

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How to Burp a Baby

how to burp a baby three ways diagram illustration

With all of these methods, give your baby gentle pats or small, circular rubs to get the burp out.

Babies get gas from sucking in air while feeding. Burping helps them get these air bubbles out. If you’re feeding a baby with a bottle, burp her after every 2-3 ounces she drinks, as well as at the end of her feeding. If she’s fussy or spits up a lot, try burping even more often during the feeding.