| October 5, 2017


Podcast #345: Not Caring What Other People Think is a Superpower

Oftentimes when you start making positive changes for the better in your life, you’re going to have people, even people really close to you who claim to care about you, intentionally or unintentionally try to discourage you from your path. In those moments, you have to develop the ability to shrug off your critics and not let them drag you back down to their level. My guest today has succeeded in that struggle and shares the lessons he learned in his aptly titled book, Not Caring What Other People Think Is a Superpower. His name is Ed Latimore and besides being a writer, he’s a professional boxer, is about to complete his degree in physics, served in the National Guard, is an AmeriCorps volunteer, and avid chess player.

Today on the show, Ed shares how he wasn’t always this ambitious and how he spent his twenties dorking around. He then shares the moment when he decided to get serious with his life and the steps he took to start college in his late twenties. We then dig into some of the themes in Ed’s book, specifically how to develop discipline even though you’re not motivated, why you have to embrace being mediocre to become great, and the difference between good pain and bad pain.

Ed shares what it’s like to lose a boxing match on national television and the lessons on failure he took from that match. He also shares insights on how to deal with success, specifically how to keep that edge even when things are going well for you.

We end our conversation talking about why not caring about what people think is a superpower and why sometimes the people closest to you don’t want to see you change your life for the better. 

This is a great show packed with actionable insights.

Show Highlights

  • Ed’s background and environment growing up
  • His fascinating resume and interests in life
  • Why Ed signed up for the military
  • Why Ed decided to give up alcohol
  • The themes that he’s exploring with his writing
  • Why millennials don’t have as much respect in their conversations — online or IRL
  • What Ed did to get himself disciplined
  • Good pain vs. bad pain
  • Why the process is more important (and even enjoyable) than the destination
  • What it’s like to lose a contest on national TV, and how Latimore gained some perspective
  • The challenges of success, and how to keep your edge
  • The difference between self-discipline and self-control
  • Where men tend to fail when it comes to self-control
  • Why not caring what people think is indeed a superpower

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

not caring what people think is a superpower book cover ed latimore

Not Caring What Other People Think Is a Superpower is packed with actionable advice. Ed offers a meditation about a particular facet in life and then gives a concrete action you can take to put that idea into practice. It’s a great example of balancing action and contemplation.

Connect With Ed

Ed on Twitter

Ed’s website

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