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How to Perform a Muscle-Up: An Illustrated Guide

Muscle-Ups 2

During this Rings 101 week, we’ve covered the basics of equipment, how to grip the rings, and a beginner’s workout to get you started with using the rings to build strength and fitness. As you gain more skill and confidence on the rings, one likely goal you’ll start aiming for is successfully performing the muscle-up. It’s no easy feat. Being able to do one takes great strength, control, and coordination.

Don’t jump right into the muscle-up, but instead first work on transitional exercises that will get you trained and prepared to do one successfully. Here’s a guide to these preparation exercises, as well as a video on how to do the strict muscle-up once you’re ready to go.

Thanks to Ryan Hurst from Gold Medal Bodies for helping us put together this illustrated guide.

Illustration by Ted Slampyak

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