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• Last updated: June 6, 2021

Cool Uncle Tricks: “Tear Off” Someone’s Belt Loop

Poster by Art of Manliness about tricks for tearing off someone's belt loop.

An essential part of being an awesome uncle is having a repertoire of tricks and jokes that will amaze your nieces and nephews, and crack them up. So from time to time we’ll be offering you current and future uncles out there a tutorial on some gags that’ll have them thinking you’re the coolest dude in the world. Check out all our Cool Uncle Tricks. 

1: Put the tip of your finger around your friend’s belt loop.

2: Pull your finger back and to the side while letting its tip slip out from the belt loop. This will cause a snapping noise that sounds just like a belt loop ripping off.

3: Don’t pull straight back as this will actually cause the belt loop to tear off. Moms won’t be very happy about that.

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Illustrated by Ted Slampyak

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