× Frame 1: Start the bike by switching the key to the “On” position and either pressing the ignition button or using the kickstart lever located on the right side of the bike. Frame 2: Squeeze in the clutch lever and press down on the gear shift lever to reach 1st gear. Frame 3: Slowly release the clutch lever until you start to feel the motorcycle pull. As it pulls, twist the throttle slightly to increase the engine’s RPMs. Frame 4: Fully release the clutch as you begin to move and increase the throttle slowly to pick up speed. Callout: If the motorcycle dies, return to neutral and start again, releasing the clutch slower this time. Frame 5: Shift to higher gears by pulling up on the gear shift with your foot. To shift down, push the gear shift down. Neutral is located halfway between first and second gears. To reach neutral, press lightly up from 1st gear or lightly down from 2nd gear. Frame 6: Stop by using the front and rear brakes in tandem.

| July 28, 2017

Last updated: October 15, 2018

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How to Drive a Motorcycle

how to ride a motorcycle step-by-step illustration diagram

When Steve McQueen got away from the Nazis in The Great Escape, he did it on a motorcycle. When Evil Knievel roared over the top of the fountains at Caesar’s Palace, it was on a motorcycle. And when Chris Pratt sped through the jungles of a fictional dinosaur-filled island, he did it on a motorcycle, being chased by velociraptors. In other words, when a man has to get somewhere and make sure that he looks cool along the way, a motorcycle is the way to go. But in an age when manual transmission cars are all but relics of another time, it’s rare to find people who know how to operate gears, shift, and use a clutch; which is too bad, since motorcycles are a great way to get around, even when you’re not surrounded by velociraptors. Whether you want to find a more economical way to commute in the city or race down dusty roads in search of big adventures in far off places, a motorcycle opens up a world of opportunities that you just can’t get in a car. So strap on a helmet and grab a leather jacket — it’s time to learn how to ride.

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Illustration by Ted Slampyak