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February 28, 2015 Last updated: May 19, 2020

17 Things to Do on Sunday Besides Surfing the Internet

things to do on sunday besides surf the internet

Sundays can sometimes be a little lonely, gloomy, and boring — to drag on and spur melancholic rumination. This is especially true when the weather is cold and dreary. And even more true when you’re in college; you’re far from home and there’s not a lot going on. Surfing the net to pass the time is always an option, but it gets old; you come to a point where you really feel like you’ve reached the end of the web. It doesn’t do anything for your mood either.

Below you’ll find 17 alternative activities that’ll help you escape the Sunday doldrums and put you in a great frame of mind for the week to come.

vintage young man eating large stack of pancakes

vintage young man sitting on bed reading newspaper

vintage man talking walk on path in winter overcoat

vintage family sitting in church pew singing hymn illustration

vintage young men cleaning apartment sweeping vacuuming

vintage man lying in bed writing in journal

vintage man napping on couch

vintage young man on telephone

vintage couple taking a drive winter road trip illustration

vintage men sitting at table shirtless writing letters

vintage men sitting around table playing poker

vintage man sitting in windowsill reading smoking pipe illustration

vintage college men in dorm room shining shoes

vintage party having friends over for dinner illustration

vintage friends men sitting around playing guitar

vintage man sitting at desk writing on papers

vintage man shoveling sidewalk on snowy day


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