× Ski Etiquette Frame 1: Don't cut in line for the chairlift. Wait for friends before joining the line. Frame 2: Be courteous to your chairlift buddy. Save your phone calls for later. Frame 3: Choose a run suited to your skill level. Frame 4: Ski in control and at reasonable speeds. Frame 5: Give right-of-way to skiers in front of you. Minimize stopping or taking breaks in the middle of the trail. Frame 6: Assist skiers who have fallen.  

| March 10, 2016

Last updated: October 15, 2018

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Ski Etiquette: An Illustrated Guide

-wauSki Etiquette guide illustration diagram

Whether you’re new to the slopes, or a speed-loving veteran, there are some unwritten rules of etiquette that should be followed when skiing (or snowboarding). Not only do these slopeside manners make for a more enjoyable experience for everyone at the resort, they make for a safer environment. While skiing is usually just fun and exhilaration, it can get real dangerous in a hurry. Heed the tips above, and stay intact for another day!

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Illustration by Ted Slampyak