About the Book

For thousands of years, the skills and knowledge of the art of manliness were passed down from father to son, and from man to man. Each succeeding generation was prepared to take its place in the long and storied history of manhood. But for the past few decades, the chain of manliness has been broken. Many men today have grown up without a father or a positive male role model to mentor them on their road to manhood. The skills that every man should possess have ceased to be passed down and carried forward. At the same time, society has stopped celebrating manliness and has stripped it of its positive qualities, leaving only a shell of negative stereotypes.

But men around the world are tired of this unfortunate status quo. They’re hungry to learn how to man up; they want to reconnect the chain of manliness by becoming a strong link themselves. But where to begin? What things does a man need to know to better himself and journey from boy to man? The Art of Manliness book has the answers and can be your starting point as you travel down the path to true manliness.

While we couldn’t put everything a man needs to know in a book, The Art of Manliness is an excellent introduction to essential man knowledge and the basics of honorable manhood.

Buy it today for yourself and for all the men in your life. Join the movement to “Man up!”

What You’ll Learn

Learn how to shave like your grandpa.

Learn how to start a fire without matches.

Learn how to give a dynamite speech.

Learn how to be a virtuous man.

Learn how to exude manly confidence.

Learn how to rock a pocket square.

Learn how to deliver a baby in a pinch.

Learn how to predict the weather like a frontiersman.

Learn how to help a friend with a problem.

Disclaimer! The color of the print in the actual book is a nice red, not the Halloween orange that you see in the excerpt.