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The Art of Manliness Library of Random Man Knowledge hit a great milestone this week when it reached 1,000 entries. There are now over 1,000 nuggets of man wisdom stored in the library’s hallowed halls. Take some time to browse through the myriad of trivia, quotes, facts, and life tips. And take a minute to add your own nugget of man wisdom. We’ve got plenty of quotes already, so send in an interesting man fact or a manly tip or hack.

Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to this monument of man knowledge!

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A new documentary, The Evolution of Dad, comes out on Father’s Day and explores the changing meaning of being a father in today’s world:

A related article, also titled The Evolution of Dad, discusses the way in which men are asking the question, “What does it mean to be a dad today?” Fathers today want to be better dads than their fathers were, but they’re still working out what that should look like. Men are shifting from defining fatherhood as being the breadwinner to defining it as being a loving, present parent. But stay-at-home dads still struggle with feeling emasculated and wondering whether their role is appropriate.

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How do you think the role of father is changing?


One of my favorite classic men’s style bloggers, Glen Palmer, is up for a few honors at the 2010 Black Weblog Awards. But he needs our help to win. Take one minute and vote for Glen’s site, The Gentleman’s Standard for Best Culture Blog, Best Style and Beauty Blog, and Best Blog to Watch. For details on voting, check out this page. I know Glen will appreciate it.


Quite an interesting article from the New York Times. It discusses the gender imbalance in the gifted programs of NYC’s schools (there are more girls than boys), but also the broader reasons why boys are struggling in school. It has been suggested that girls are more verbally and socially mature at age 4 or 5, which is when kids take the test for gifted placement, that the tests and administrators are biased towards girls (who are typically better behaved at that age), and that today’s classrooms aren’t meeting the active learning needs of boys.

Read the Whole Article: Gender Gap for the Gifted in City Schools


Congratulations go out to Roy Halladay for pitching a perfect game tonight. A perfect game in baseball is when a pitcher doesn’t allow a single runner to reach first base. No hits, no walks, no bean balls. Halladay’s part of an elite crew. Only 19 other men have pitched a perfect game.

They are: