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• Last updated: October 8, 2020

Need Something to Read? Check Out the AoM Bookstore

Stack of art of manliness books on table.

Many folks have a bit more time at home these days — whether in the form of canceled plans or jettisoned commutes — and are looking for a good book to pick up. May we humbly suggest taking a look at our own AoM bookstore?

We have a number of titles available — in both ebook and paperback form — across a wide range of topics. From motivational and devotional-type books, to social and general life skills, to lessons that all men can learn from various historical figures and ideas, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy. Below we highlight a sampling of what we’ve published over the years; be sure to peruse the entire store for even more titles. 

The Secrets to Power, Mastery, and Truth

Man holding the secrets to power, mastery, and truth book.

An anthology of the very best personal development essays of William George Jordan. Each of the essays are short and “devotional” in nature and rich in incisive, edifying insights that will help the reader see his life through a transformative lens.

The Pocket Guide to Action by Kyle Eschenroeder 

Pocket guide to action book on the table.

Features 116 short, punchy meditations on the nature and importance of action. Full of motivation for shifting from thinking about abstract intentions to making concrete moves.

The Illustrated Art of Manliness

Illustrated art of manliness hardcover book on table.

This book distills more than 100 practical skills every modern man should know into an entertaining, easy-to-follow visual format.

The 33 Marks of Maturity

33 marks of maturity by Brett and Kate McKay book cover.

In this book we transcend the one-dimensional pictures of what it means to be an adult, in order to show the multi-faceted constellation of traits, behaviors, actions, and mindsets that form its reality. 

The Warrior Monk Philosophy of Trainer Cus D’Amato

The warrior monk philosophy of Cus D’amato book cover.

Without Cus D’Amato, Mike Tyson would have never have made his unbelievable rise into heavyweight champion. Learn the secrets of Cus’ training philosophy that turned Iron Mike into one of boxing’s all-time greats.

The Spartan Way

The spartan way book cover.

Lift the veil on the mysterious city-state of Sparta to uncover the real details of how its warriors grew up, trained, fought, and lived out lives of friendship, martial glory, and even humor, music, and manners. 

The Charismatic Man

The charismatic man book cover.

No matter your situation in life and your individual aims, one of the most important tools for success is your personal charisma. This book outlines the three valuable principles to being more charismatic. 

How to Quit Porn

How to quit porn by brett mckay book cover.

Want to stop watching porn? Quit getting stuck in a demoralizing cycle of short-lived abstinence and guilt-ridden relapse by reading this non-hokey, non-brow-beating, practical, research-backed guide to kicking the habit.

What Is Honor?

What is honor by Brett McKay book cover.

Few modern men understand the actual meaning, history, and power of traditional honor. Join those who do by picking up this book.

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