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• Last updated: September 5, 2020

How to Jump From a Speeding Car

How to jump from a speeding car illustration.

It’s a classic Hollywood scenario. The bad guy cuts the brake lines, the good guy gets in the car, and chaos ensues on a steep road. While you’re unlikely to be the target of a villainous act like severed brake lines, it’s not unreasonable for brakes to fail. If you find yourself in a runaway car with no means of slowing yourself down, your best bet might be to bail. Here’s how to do so in a way that ensures your best chances for survival.

1: Open the door as wide as possible to lower your chances of getting caught or snagging part of the car when you jump.

2: Look ahead for a good landing spot that’s soft(like patches of grass and dirt) and free of obstacles (like rocks and road signs).

3: Jump at an angle perpendicular to the car’s movement so you minimize the chance of rolling back toward the road when you land.

4: Tuck yourself into a ball, lowering your head and bringing your arms and legs in tight to your body.

5: Roll when you land to spread the impact out as much as possible.

6: Get away from the roadside to avoid getting run over by passing vehicles and evaluate any injuries you might have, and get checked out by paramedics ASAP.

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Illustration by Ted Slampyak